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Professional Washing Machine Repairs Logan

Are you facing problems with your front-loading washing machine? When was the last time you heard a noise coming from your top-loading? Are you worried about leaks, spinning problems, spillage and errors occurring whenever you switch on your machine? Hence, in all probability, you need a reliable company to make your life easier.  At AB Appliance Repairs, we can take care of all types of washing machine repairs Logan.  Because we provide the most affordable solutions, genuine parts and timely services to keep your appliances in order.

What are the problems faced by washing machine owners?

Best Washing Machine Repairs

Over the years, we have figured out some common problems that require immediate attention from our experts. For example, our team of washing machine repairs Logan recommends timely action and repairs to avoid complete shutdown of your appliance. 

So, the following signals are enough to show that there is something wrong with your washing machine.

  • Sudden noises
  • Intermittent or continuous leakages
  • Leaking or damaged hose pipe
  • Delayed/incorrect spinning and washing cycles, etc.

We have a dedicated team of technicians at AB Appliance Repairs. Hence, we have many years of experience in repairing washing machines of different brands. So, you can be assured of the best washing machine repairs at all times. 

Why should you hire AB Appliance Repairs for Washing Machine Repair Services?

  • Be it any brands like Blanc, Smeg, Blanco, LG, SAMSUNG Miele, General Electric, Electrolux, Simpson, Hoover, Fisher & Paykel, etc. we can take care of them all. 
  • As, our qualified technicians are prompt and efficient; we will surprise you with their in-depth industry knowledge.
  • AB Appliance Repairs is a leading provider of washing machine repairs services.
  • When your washing machine breaks down and needs some repairs, we can help fix it in a quick manner. So, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of your problem anymore.
  • We are a professional team with many years of experience and can provide the quickest service in the area.
  • Hence, we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase before we leave.
  • We offer high-quality service at very affordable rates; making us one of the cheapest options for washing machine repair services in the Logan area.

So, Contact us the earliest for the best washing machine repair service in Logan, right away!

Call us at 0406 771 730

Washing Machine Repairs Logan


What are the most common signs of a problem with a washing machine?

Common signs of a washing machine problem can vary widely. They can range from a machine that does not spin to a machine that leaks water. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then it is highly likely that you have a problem with your washing machine:

– A washing machine that does not spin

– A washing machine that leaks water

– A washing machine that is slow

– A washing machine on the fritz

-Excessive rumbling and shaking

-Unexpected noises or vibrations

What are some of the most common reasons for leaks in my washing machine?

Leaks are not unusual for washing machines.

Leaks can happen because of many different reasons.

These leaks can happen in the form of water, noise, or electricity.

The most common reasons for leaks are:

– Broken hoses or hoses with worn-out o-rings or seals

– Leaking or burst water tank/tub seal

– Leaking door gasket

How often should I clean my washing machine?

Some people may be afraid of putting their clothes in a dirty washing machine. Washing machines accumulate dirt and grime from the water, detergent residue, and fabric fibers that deposit themselves on the machine’s inner surfaces during the wash cycle. The more you use your washing machine, the more buildup will accumulate on it.

The frequency at which you clean your washing machine will depend on how often you use it, how much dirt is deposited in it and what type of water you use to clean it with.

How much does it cost to fix a washing machine in Logan?

The cost to fix a washing machine in Logan will depend on the reason it needs fixing. The price can vary depending on what is wrong with it.

The first thing you need to do to find out how much something costs is identify what’s wrong with it. The best thing you can do though, before making any repairs yourself, is contact an appliance repair company for an estimate or consultation fees.

We Fix it All

With Warranty

At AB Appliance Repairs, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the quality of our customer service. In fact, we're so confident in our work that we offer a warranty on all of our repairs.













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Brad “橋本” Hashimoto
Brad “橋本” Hashimoto
So awesome to find a technician who you can trust. Great communication and advice. Arrived on time. Will be my go to guy.
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Juan Mendoza
When our washing machine suddenly stopped working, we were looking for someone to help us out. Our worries were quickly alleviated when Mohit from AB Appliance Repairs told us he could help us. Mohit is responsive and professional and when he arrived; which did arrive in time, displayed an impressive level of expertise and knowledge when diagnosing and fixing the issue on the spot. It was evident that he was not just a technician but a true professional who takes pride in his work. He patiently explained the problem to us and outlined the necessary repairs in a clear and understandable manner. He worked diligently, efficiently, and with precision, ensuring that the machine was in top-notch condition. Also Mohit took the time to answer our questions, provided valuable maintenance tips, and even made sure the area around the machine was clean and tidy before he left. Thanks to him, our washing machine is now running smoothly, and we couldn't be happier with the service we received. You can trust Mohit to deliver exceptional service and peace of mind. Thank you for your outstanding work and for taking care of our washing machine! Highly recommended
Miranda G
Miranda G
I would highly recommend Mohit to anyone. Professional, friendly and on time. Very happy with the repair done to our oven.
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Sharon Rix
Called ab appliances repairs at 8.50 friday morning about my washing machine not pumping out water. By 10.50am Mohit had been out and replaced the pump at a reasonable price. So grateful for the quick response. Would highly recommend.
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Christine Gibbs
Mohit fixed our oven. He was true to his word, on time and gave a great service. We were very impressed with his knowledge, friendly and courteous personality. We would recommend AB Appliance Repair to anyone. Thankyou Mohit
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Annette Graham
Thank you so much AB Appliance Repairs, prompt, professional and affordable -value for money. I will recommend you to everyone.
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Danielle P
Mohit was absolutely amazing from the first phone call to him coming around to our house and fixing our fridge that was freezing everything. He is very professional, on time, great communication, very knowledgeable on his work great pricing. I highly recommend AB Appliances Repair. Thank you so much 😊
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Jock Allan
Mohit was quick to reply to our enquiry and quickly diagnosed the issue with our washer. He was friendly, prompt and skilled. Thanks Mohit - we'll be calling on you the next time something goes wrong!
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Tom Sutherland
Mohit was very professional, responsive and on time. Fixed the problem with our washing machine quickly and honestly. Great service and highly recommend.
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Mark Starkey
Mohit gave me a time and was there on time. Quickly resolved my dishwasher issue and was friendly and efficient. Great to find someone who is customer-focussed and reasonably priced.